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My Insurance Sucks!

Coventry Health Insurance

The first day of our healing journey and I am excited and filled with anticipation when Jennifer (the RN) notices a seemingly small red spot on my forearm, yesterday was starting to grow down to my wrist and up to my forearm of course I want to ignore it! (“I’m never hurt”)

Off to Urgent care we go! Upon arrival, I was instructed to call my primary for a referral, to make sure I was covered through insurance. OK now I am in the medical world, which I don’t like but the project is suppose to be about healing what better place to start. WRONG!

I am off and running. The phone call to my primary landed me speaking with a woman, “who had never heard of getting a referral to an urgent care.” I know the referral thing was throwing her off because she said, “I’ve never heard of such a thing” about 10 times, all of this, while I wait for her to find out if my Dr is there, which he isn’t because it is 3p on a Friday. (REMEMBER that point). Her parting advice, call my insurance. Yes, you can imagine what is coming next!!

Yes, I did, I called Coventry to find out, if I can be seen and better yet covered! Hold please… (Thank God I’m not bleeding) ” ah, yes mam, your deductable for the visit is $7000.00 and you are responsible for ½ of the bill after your deductable has been met.” WHAT!!!! Me to her “I’m not mad at you but, wow, your job must be hard” her, “it is” (but not so hard she couldn’t find the will to ask me to take a company survey how about that for a parting shot). Yes, I did take the survey, CRAZY! Now I may have failed to mention that my primary is in St. Louis, MO and I was in Oklahoma at the time, yet I had no idea that being out of state was the main contributor to the cost. Yes, I left! Yes, without being seen.

My next call was to a Dr. friend of mine, who happens to be a radiologist, to ask for antibiotics. He informed me, he stopped writing prescriptions because it cost him $1000.00 a year to the state & federal government to have carry it. WHAT IS GOING ON!! I must be out of touch.

Here is the good news! I stopped at a place called the Herbs and Herbal Teas shop in Enid, OK and by way of conversation asked (Rose) lady working (her interview will be coming) if she had anything for the splotch on my arm. She sold me Calendula. Yes I used it, spot gone the next day.

I am not drawing any conclusions at this point, (psych!) I need to better educate myself on my insurance. Insurance is great when your healthy and in state. Trust Rose. Don’t let Jennifer look at my arm. Seriously, I love science and I am all for it and am against people who tell others what to take without having any real background. I do like that people are looking for alternatives. We have to find better ways. We use to know them. We use to be accountable and responsible for our own lives. It’s time to heal. It’s time to wake up.

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