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And so the journey begins...

I have wondered for a year what this day would feel like. I was never fortunate enough to have children, but I believe I may have some understanding of the concept of the struggles of birthing. This labor of love and passion has never made me more aware of the idea, "you cannot know what you don't know." (pardon the double negative)

We are just a couple of weeks out of St. Louis, where we are both from, have not left Enid yet and I am already humbled and touched by the people who have graciously, supported our journey and stories we have heard. I have already been reminded, when I take the time and remember to be present with the person in front of me, how truly remarkable people are.

We have survived our maiden voyage at a local RV park, (although I fear we may wind up looking a bit like Lucy and Ethel at times) with much help from an owner's manual and two nice men who were very kind. We leave these familiar places with much gratitude for so many people.

Our intentions have been written, many blessings given, with at least some infrastructure and an open mind as well as a committed heart, please join us as our journey begins.

I wonder what I feel like a year from today?

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