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Gain insight into your life purpose, life lessons, health, and relationships through your birth numbers. This is information which can facilitate better understanding of the Self.  The session is structured to also give insight into relationships, communication with others as well as to help create a boarder personal understanding into some of the "why" we have about our lives.

Personal Development


This session is a holistic psychotherapy inspired, reflective listening service to help an individual process and heal at a deeper level, life’s difficult experiences. It provides a platform, where an individual becomes more conscious of their behaviors, and cognitive process. This practice affords an individual an opportunity to make more fully informed decisions and choices. Awareness and integration of the Self is paramount for creating a life that is richer and more fulfilling. This is a nontraditional alternative to traditional therapy. 

60 minute session  

90 minute session

Wellness Coaching
Balance is key to living a healthy and happy life. Aligning the mind, body, and soul can be achieved through nutrition, behavior modification, and movement.
One session includes the following:
  • Identifying current issue(s)
  • Creating a solution strategy
  • Steps to take towards resolving the current  issue(s) 
  • Goal setting
  • Progress evaluation 

Sessions last an hour by Skype or phone.

Each session includes (2) "check in" text or emails

Start changing your life today because life is a journey if we allow it to happen.

Reiki (Usui) - Energy Therapy


Healing service to facilitate balancing of the mind/body's natural energies and removing stresses in the body and energy field – 60 minute session - 90 minute sessions available

According to The International Center for Reiki Training, Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.  (  

Yoga Therapy Customized to an individual’s needs. 


May Include, yoga positions/asana, neorogenic tremoring,


(Trauma Victims, Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression, Attachment Disorders, Stress Relief and complimentary tools for Addiction recovery).

  • Individual Sessions



 Individual Sessions









  • Workshops

  • Talks

  • On Line Classes

  • Group Classes

Group Classes


Yoga Classes


Foundation A - Beginners  60 minutes

Postures/Asana, Breath work, Meditation


Foundation B - Beginners Level II 60 minutes

Postures/Asana, Breath work, Meditation


Foundation C - Intermediate 75 minutes

Postures/Asana, Breath work, Meditation


Gental Yoga for Stress and Trauma Recovery

Yoga for overcoming trauma and stress.

Includes restorative postures/asana, and Neurogenic tremoring, allowing the body to release and recover from mental stress, physical tension and traumas; Yoga Nidra a guided meditation used specifically for trauma and stress recovery.



Meditation Class

This an 90 minute experiential class, where participants will learn several types of meditation practices from diverse culturals of origin.




Reiki Classes


Level I

Level II







On Line Classes Available

Coming Soon


Yoga Classes


52 Weeks Progressive Yoga classes 

4 different classes offered weekly

Perform as often as you like!



Meditation Classes


This an 90 minute experiential class, where participants will learn several types of meditation practices from diverse culturals of origin.

On Line Classes



An Aid in Overcoming Trauma


Creating Wholeness:

Discovering and Merging Aspects of Self


Yoga and Meditation in Schools:

Managing stress for students and teachers


"Let's Talk About Addiction.  

One Addict's story from Recovery to Addiction Educator"


"Why is Sugar Addicting?

Learn how to Stop the Cravings"



The Different Faces of Addiction, what we need to know.  

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