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A year long voyage with several objectives. Healing States 365 embarks on a journey through the United States to capture and understand the ways we, a nation of diversity, heal ourselves and one another.  365 days of personal practice, education via interviews with healing practitioneers, and uploaded stories of healing; delivering content through YouTube. 

Project 1:  
Healing States 365 TV @ YouTube
Content Launch October 1, 2015
Healing States 365 programing launch October 1st 2015         delivering educational and informative content such as,  


  • Interviews from a variety of Practioneers and Healers

  • Yoga classes

  • Meditation class and much more.​


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Project 2: 
Share Your Story
"Live Your Life from Your Heart. Share from Your Heart. And your Story will Touch and Heal People's Souls"
Healing States 365 is providinga platform to share stories of healing, in order to create a forum of inspiration, compassion, education, hope and healing



Project 3:  
On Line Classes, Group and Individual Sessions, Workshops, & Talks


Yoga, Meditation, Trauma Recovery Yoga, Reiki, Journaling/Writing and Personal Development Sessions.

Hoping to work with underserved populations providing services to create healthier communities.


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