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Jennifer and Karen, their friendship spans over 30 years.  Their journey to healing and Self discovery has been diverse but their committement to healing is on par. Follow them as they collaborate on a year long journey to uncover, what healing means in all its states.  This collaboration will consist of learning and documenting different modalities of healing practices, introductions to practitioneers, communities, as well as geographical locations (spiritual healing sites).  Along the way Karen and Jennifer will teach their own practices which has lead them in their own path of healing and Self discovery.

Jennifer Ippolito, RN, Wellness Coach
Jennifer Ippolito,  RN,

We all get to a cross roads at least once in our lives, but more than likely, several times. Jennifer has made changes which include improvements to her nutrition and physical  activity. Her passion for living a healthy lifestyle has led her to Addiction Education, Wellness Coaching and inspired from her 17 years as a Registered Nurse.

Facilitating groups at a treatment center has afforded her skills in behavior changes as well as the necessities for setting short term and long term goals. Jennifer understands that changing one's life takes time and patience.

Living a healthy lifestyle is neither easy or simple; it's a process requiring commitment and determination but most of all a plan.  Every lifestyle modification program should always start with some sort of goal setting. Initially these goals should be easy to obtain, Jennifer can help with that plan and build onto it until you reach your goals. Jennifer will guide you in learning methods to balance your mind, body, and soul. This balance can be achieved thru behavior modification, nutrition, exercise, and relaxation.

Karen Harris, Karuna Personal Develpment, Reiki Master, Yoga and Mediation Teacher
Karen "Karuna" Harris, MA, RYT 200, Personal Development Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher

Karen has recently moved back to St. Louis, after years of living in the Bay Area, building a practice in Oklahoma. She has most recently returned from a two month stay in India where she lived in Sri Swami Satyananda, ashram in Munger, Bihar. Her travels to Egypt and Malawi, Africa, as well as Columbia, India, Nepal, and Thailand have helped her integrate and ground the spiritual and more traditional forms of her education.  Karen, also known as Karuna, a Sanskrit name, meaning compassion and empathy, given to her as an initiate into the sannyasi order. Karen is now a Karma Sannyasi and 200 level yoga teacher, working towards 500 level of certification. She is certified in Yoga Nidra meditation, as well as a Reiki Master Teacher, which she taught in Malawi along with her involvement in cross cultural writing workshops.  Additionally, Karen obtained her Masters in Integral Psychology at John F. Kennedy University in the Bay area.  Her education, practice and services in “Integral psychology” (the next iteration in Transformational psychology), seeks to create a new paradigm in human development endeavoring to integrate all parts of the Self. 

Karen started Karuna Personal Development in Oklahoma after returning from India in 2010. She maintains her private practice, as well as working through a mental health agency as a BHRS (Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialist) teaching life management skills.  As part of her karma yoga work, Karen volunteers teaching yoga and meditation in a local grade school and Veterans’ Home as well as to Domestic Violence groups to help with trauma, anger, and anxiety.

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