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What Does It Mean to Heal?

There are many pathways to wholeness.

What Does Healing Mean for You?

There as so many new discoveries from medical technologies to alternative modalities to spiritual practices.

Healing States 365 is dedicated to 

 exploring, documenting, and sharing these practices and what it means to heal.

Join Healing States 365 in their year long voyage through the United States discovering healing practices and spiritual centers  from the land and its people. Journey along with us as we explore, document, and deliver "What is healing?".

       Join us on this path of discovery.                        Please subscribe 

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A fiercely personal exploration of what healing means as Healing States 365 embarks on a year long journey through the United States to capture and understand the ways we, a nation of diversity, heal ourselves and one another.  365 days of personal practice, education via interviews with healing practitioners, and uploaded stories of healing; delivering content through YouTube. HealingStates365 will journey to discover the states and levels of healing we as a people endeavor to achieve.   In a world that is constantly telling us the United States is not as good as it once was, that the people have become money driven and callus, we say NO! Healing States 365's mission is to explore and educate, sharing stories of healing, hope, and understanding. We look to find what healing truly means in all its beautiful poignant states.  Join us on this path of discovery. 

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About Us

Healing States 365 is the brain child of Jennifer Ippolito and Karen Harris.  Healing States is a year long project to define and explore modes, practices and stories of healing.  Jennifer and Karen while traveling will teach yoga, meditaion, reiki, wellness programs, additction recovery education, personal development sessions and more. Karen and Jennifer have been friends since meeting at Quincy University some 30 years ago.   Their journeys' have taken them on different paths but their committment to healing has always been in line. Jennifer has been in the healing profession for 17 years as a nurse moving from the ER to addiction education, a path which began with her own recovery. 

Mutiple Ways to Donate

We appreciate anyone donating to Healing States 365.  Some pertinent facts: There are mutiple ways to donate.

Give a cash donation to support your favorite program, fund a class, talk, or workshop. Additionally, in October when Healing States 365 begins to move into communities through out the United States there will be listings for donations of materials, skills, or services to needed individual, communities and organizations, allowing for mutiple ways to donate and be involved. 

Share Your Story

Your story could make the difference in anothers life, through inspiration, hope, and compassion. Get Involved with Healing States 365 community by sharing your story. This is an opportunity to share your story of healing whether it be as an individual, a group, a community, an organization or a healing practice to help animals or the earth. When one heals it helps us all heal.  Submit your practice or story via web to be published on HealingStates365 YouTube channel.

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